Stand Up To Cancer
The Farrah Fawcett Foundation and Stand Up To Cancer are teaming up to commit one million dollars over a three-year period to fund a collaborative translational research team that addresses critical problems in HPV-related cancers. According to the CDC, high-risk human papilloma viruses are responsible for 90% of anal cancers (the cancer that took Farrah’s life) and cervical cancers, as well as many vaginal, vulvar, penile, and oropharyngeal cancers. We are very proud of this collaboration.

CONGRATULATIONS to Dr. Ellis Reinherz and Dr. Robert Haddad for being selected for the SU2C/ Farrah Fawcett Translational Research Team. The focus will be to develop new vaccines and other immunotherapeutic approaches that stimulate cancer-killing immunity as treatment for patients with HPV associated cancers, including cancers of the anus, cervix, and head and neck.

                                     SU2C Event

                                              SU2C Event - January 2014
              Dr.  Michael Kastan, Alana Stewart, Dr. Lawrence Piro, Dr. Lee Helman


Reaching Cancer Patients Through our Patient Assistance Funds
Working with cancer centers throughout the United States, we now have five patient assistance funds. Inspired by Bryan Wilson – a 13 year old boy whose mom had to drive from Oklahoma to Texas just to get chemo - we created the Farrah Fawcett Fund for Patient Assistance for the many families faced with overwhelming financial burden.



Fighting the Fight: Your Words of Inspiration
Farrah's valiant fight was inspirational. Share your positive attitude about living with cancer. Listen to how Christian remains positive each day.