Farrah's Story

Farrah was diagnosed (on Sept. 22, ’06) with anal cancer, which eventually  metastasizing to her liver.  She traveled to Germany to seek alternative treatments. After a valiant fight against the disease, she passed away on June 25, 2009.

During her treatment, she asked close friend, Alana Stewart, to videotape her visits to the doctor so that she could remember everything. As Farrah and Alana continued to document this journey, the idea of ‘Farrah’s Story’ became a reality. 

Much of “Farrah’s Story” includes real-life footage of Farrah visiting doctors and going through treatments, surgery, & recovery.  Alana , at one point, did not want to film Farrah during a violent episode of vomiting but Farrah insisted that she continue claiming "this is what cancer is…"

The documentary aired on NBC to nine million viewers and was later nominated for an Emmy award.